Basmati and other varieties of aged, farm fresh and organic rice

We are achieving this by concentrating on the richest paddy growing areas like vast Ganges region and Southern plains for varieties of Basmati rice and Non-Basmati rice.

India is one of the world's largest producers of rice and brown rice fulfilling both domestic consumption as well as exports to other countries. Various regions in northern and southern parts of India produce rice of different flavor, length and fineness. We deal in entire range of finest quality rice which is procured directly from rolling mills with implementing latest methods of rice cleaning and ageing. These selected mills are located in vicinity of the rice fields owned by farmer unions and hence produce finest grade of produce that comes with impeccable nutrition value.

Our team is dedicated to promote the chemical free cultivation of rice, which is environment friendly and also helps in establishing stability for farmers for the continuous supply. We are achieving this by concentrating on the richest paddy growing areas like vast Ganges region and Southern plains for varieties of Basmati rice and Non-Basmati rice. After every harvest season, our team of Rice experts organizes sample, testing and grading the harvest before sending it for ageing and fumigated packaging to maintain the quality.

Forest Honey, Organic honey, multi-flower, mustard & litchi honey

Honey is extracted from the nectar of flowers. Pure honey is of high medicinal value and rich in antioxidants.

We procure pure forest honey, multi-flower and mustard flowers for our valued customers. Forest Honey is premium multi flower honey collected from naturally formed bee hives. The nectar collected is from naturally growing forest vegetation by special species of bees that dwell only in forest land. It is characterized by its dark color and a very strong taste.

Multi-flower honey is collected by farmstead honey bees from a variety of crops, flowers, and herbs. Other varieties include special flower nectar or fruit honey. These are collected by bees over flower plantations or fruit orchards. The honeys' flavor, color and health benefits are largely dependent on the plant species visited by bees.

Wheat and all wheat products

We procure wheat from mentored farms grown in the vast Ganges plains in northern India is one of the finest quality of wheat harvest in the world.

Wheat is processed in a state of the art wheat grinding mills equipped with latest grinding and sieve technologies. We deal with all varieties of wheat ranging from white flour, multi-purpose flour, whole wheat and multi grain flour available in varied texture from finest grinded ‘00’ flour used in pasta to coarse grinded whole wheat and multi grain flour used for hard bread baking.

Characteristics and varieties of wheat flour depend on the vast number of indicators which are very closely monitored by our milling factories. Grain flours from two different plants might produce varying results in the baking factory as they may use different milling procedures and produce different blends. These are available in quality custom sized packaging suitable of long distance shipping.

Organic fertilizers, Phosphorus rich organic manure (PROM)

We have a team with over 15 years of research experience into organic microbial activity to produce high quality Organic Fertilizer with high ‘available’ NPK ratios

Vegetable organic matter contains a sizable quantity of macro and micro nutrients, besides 20-25% of organic carbon. It is also a rich source of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, sulfates, and molybdenum and a rich source of organic matter, which makes a valuable compost fertilizer. This is further enhanced by treating it with soil beneficial microorganisms like Rhizobium and mixed with distillery effluents rich in vital nutrients.

This organic manure also helps soil to hold water longer maintaining soil moisture available for plants. We have a team with over 15 years of research experience into organic microbial activity. This research is behind the high quality Organic Fertilizer with high available NPK ratios, produced using high quality raw material and in scale production units. Produce is available in 3-4 mm sieve size grains for easy distribution in the fields.

Exotic natural foods, Super foods and other essentials

Our product portfolio has a wide range of exotic natural health, nutrition and cosmetic products.

Quinoa – Quinoa is a rare plant food widely considered as superfood with over 20% of proteins and wide variety if micronutrients and vitamins. It is widely recommended by nutritionists in regular diet.

Millets – Millets too fall in superfood family rich in Iron & vitamin B-6 and significant percentage of proteins and carbohydrates.

Moringa – It is a highly nutritious herb available in edible forms. It is proven to be very high content of Vitamin C, Calcium, and Potassium as compared to well-known sources like oranges, milk and bananas

Virgin coconut oil – This oil is obtained in the purest form from fresh coconuts as compared to available coconut oil extracted from dried and heated coconut forms. It is popularly used as cooking oil.

The super quality oil can be used as highly hydrating skin moisturizer and is known to help in tooth ache.

We also have a wide variety of Indian herbs like Ashwagandha – anti stress, Arjun – anti cholesterol and various others extracted in purest forms and available in forms of powder and capsules.

Natural disposables

Disposable plates, cutlery is made of thermos-col, plastic or recycled/laminated paper. Thermo-col and plastic are is a known ecological hazard while recycled paper is prone to contamination.

We supply high quality, sterilized plates and cutlery in all sizes made from thick, dried banana stem. These have an elegant look, bio-degradable and are stiffer than thermocol and paper variants.

Coconut shell charcoal, wood and groundnut shell charcoal and other bio fuels

Coconut shell charcoal is made from the process of carbonization through destructive distillation.

In this process, the coconut shells undergo incomplete burning in oxygen-controlled environment. Tons of coconut shells are processed to prepare coal which is made available in convenient ovoid and annular ring shapes for optimal storage space and fast burning. We procure high carbon coconut shell charcoal with high calorific value and less gaseous emissions made by optimal heating the shells to maintain its carbon and ash content.

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